AKCP established in the USA in 1981 created the market for temperature, environmental and power monitoring in the data center.

Today with over 150 employees and 200,000 installations, AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of networked wired and wireless sensor solutions.

AKCP designs, manufactures and tests everything in house with their SMT production line, clean room and packaging equipment. Every unit gets a 2 day burn in before shipping.


AKCP sensorProbe features


The World’s Oldest and Largest Manufacturer of Wired and Wireless Sensor Solutions

AKCP supports multiple communication protocols to interface with a range of industrial third-party equipment. Used in building, factory and process automation, we can monitor your existing equipment.

SensorProbe+ is compatible with all AKCP sensors, including the latest “smart sensors” such as swing handle locks, cabinet thermal maps, LCD display and battery monitoring sensors. It natively includes support of SNMPV3 and encrypted e -mail. Unlock additional software features such as IPV6, Radius and TACACS. SensorProbe+ is available with options such as PoE, Modbus RS485 and internal 4G cellular data modems.

If you have the SP2+ with Power over Ethernet (PoE), this can function as a redundant power source. Should the mainline power fail the SP2+ will switch to using the PoE as an alternative power source to the DC jack input.

The SPX+ includes a Modbus and BEB port. Start with 4x sensor ports and add modules as required. Dry contact modules can be added in x10 and x20 blocks. The dry contacts can be ordered as I/O, isolated input only (internal 5V) and isolated input only (external 5-30V). Dry contacts can be used to monitor a variety of third-party devices and alarm panels. Units can be built as short DIN rail mounted devices, 1U rack mounted or 0U mounting.

SensorProbe Base Units



1 port monitoring device with 1x Dry Contact I/O and built in temperature sensor. Optionally with PoE and built-in dual temp and humidity sensor.

Productcode: SP1+PRO



4 port monitoring device, optional PoE

Productcode: SP2+PRO

3 port sensor monitoring device with 1x Modbus RS485 or expansion port

Productcode: SP2+E-PRO



4 port monitoring device with built-in LCD display, 1x Dry Contact I/O and PoE.

Productcode: SP2+P-LCD



Customizable modular sensorProbeX+
Add sensor ports, dry contacts, A2D inputs, relays, internal UPS battery, PoE / 48VDC input …

Productcode: SPX+

SP2+ and SPX+ units can be equipped with an internal 4G modem. SP2+ and SP2+P-LCD accept an external 4G Modem.

Wireless monitoring controllers


sensorProbe+ Wireless Tunnel Server

Connect with up to 30 SP-WT with built in monitoring server.

Productcode: SP-WTS


sensorProbe+ Wireless Tunnel

sensorProbe Wireless Tunnel™ allows you to connect up to 4 AKCP Intelligent sensors to a single radio.

Productcode: SP-WT

Connect up to 4 AKCP Intelligent Sensors sensorProbe Wireless Tunnel™ allows you to connect up to 4 AKCP Intelligent sensors to a single radio. Communicate sensors over long distance with LoRa™ based wireless communications.

AKCP’s proprietary Wireless Tunnel™ protocol provides guaranteed message delivery without loss of data and low power utilization for superior battery life. Build your own private LoRa based network without the need for any cloud services.

Best-selling AKCP sensors

Wired and Wireless sensors for monitoring a wide range of industries. Data Center Temperature Monitoring, Remote Site Sensors. Power Monitoring and Environmental Monitoring. Connect the sensor to a compatible AKCP base unit, and you have an SNMP enabled monitoring system with it’s own web interface or integrate to third party monitoring software.

For a tightly integrated solution choose the central management software, AKCPro Server.

Thermal map sensor THMS-V2 / CTHMS-V2

Thermal maps can be added to rack map views in AKCPro Server. Animated arrows show the temperature differential from the front to rear of the cabinet as well as the individual sensor values at the front, rear, top, middle and bottom of the cabinet. 3D heatmap visualization of your data center allows you to quickly identify hotspots or areas being over cooled.

Dual Temp and Humidity Sensors (THSxx-NIST2)

The NIST2 sensors feature a built-in calibration check. Each unit has 2x NIST calibrated and certified temperature sensors which are compared once a second. The primary sensor value is checked by the secondary sensor, and if we detect a range of greater than the stated accuracy, we will alert that the sensor is out of calibration. This makes these sensors ideal for situations where a high degree of accuracy is required and assurance of the calibration state.

Cabinet Analysis Sensor (CAS)

The cabinet analysis sensor combines differential pressure and cabinet thermal maps into one smart sensor. Differential pressure sensor, check for proper pressure differential between front and rear. Ideal for hot/cold aisle containment to ensure proper airflow.

Rope Water Sensor (V2RWSCxx)

The rope water sensor comes in two parts, the orange non-sensing cable, and the yellow sensing cable. IP66 rated waterproof connectors join the two sections of rope together. Lay these rope water sensors out around the perimeter of your room, or underneath aisles in your data center to give early warning of potential water leaks and avoid costly damage.

AC Voltage Sensor (ACV00)

AKCP Voltage sensor is specially designed for monitoring AC voltage presence or absence of line voltage up to 250V. It comes with an ALARM / NORMAL indication in the device firmware. Easy installation with no electrician required, it simply plugs into any AC power source and will monitor if AC Voltage is present.

AKCPro server

World Class Infrastructure Management Software AKCPro Server is our central monitoring and management software. Monitor your infrastructure, whether it be a single building, or remote sites over a wide geographic area. Integrate third party devices with, Modbus. Support for ONVIF compatible IP cameras.

AKCP base units and sensors can be configured and monitored from AKCPro Server. Base units and Wireless Tunnel™ Gateways communicate with through your local network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). Remote sites with no wired network send data to the server through the cellular data network* via a VPN connection.

AKCPro Server can be accessed on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Access is operating system independent through the HTML5 user interface on your web browser*. There are no clients or special apps to install, making it easy to view your data on the go.

Desktops are customized for each user to show the information relevant to them. Desktops display sensor data, gauges, drill down maps, cabinet rack maps, graphs and video feeds. Arrange the windows yourself, or choose from pre-determined layouts for easy setup.


AKCP Belgium

S4 Benelux has been delivering AKCP solutions for more than 10 years and has become an official distribution channel since 2020. Together, we aim to deliver high-quality products that meet the most demanding requirements of IT infrastructure in data centers, control rooms and intelligent buildings.

Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with AKCP, we have a very extensive knowledge and experience of monitoring and control systems to offer you the best solution.

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