Servers and control cabinets are the heart of your data center. This is where your sensitive data is located, as well as the critical physical points of attack for you as the operator and your colocation customers.

With the modular security system TANlock, you can manage and document every type of access. Unauthorized access of the rack are being prevented, logged in case of abuse and messages are sent to your management system in real time – from any location in the world.


TANlock is developed to minimize complexity, facilitate quick installation and operate without additional hardware or software. Thanks to PoE (Power over Ethernet) a separate power supply is not required. 

For the first time, it is also possible to connect sensors for temperature, humidity, smoke, etc. directly to the electronic server cabinet lock.

TANlock was recognized as the innovation leader in the field of “electronic locking systems for server racks”. For example, the TANlock product won the prestigious “German Data Center Award”.

TANlock 3


Individual configurable modular access control system

Through individual authentication modules, TANlock 3 can be adapted to almost all customer requirements. This system can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures and server cabinets. The TANlock 3 locking system can be integrated into standard interfaces such as SNMPs, Syslog, MS ActiveDirectory and LDAPs without the need for additional software and also offers a high level of security.

The Web and RESTful API enable full-featured integrations, as for example realized for high-security Nedap AEOS access control. There is also the option of 2-factor authentication or encryption via blockchain technology.

The TANlock 3 system allows “authentication modules” to be replaced within a few minutes if necessary. A new security requirement, e.g. for an RFID (radio-frequency identification) standard, palm vein scanner or fingerprint scanner, can be met immediately by changing the authentication module in the security lock.

The latest touch authentication module offers additional security and customization options.


HTTPs • Syslog • MS Active Directory • LDAPs • RESTful API • Web API • SNMP • OSS • Websockets • PoE • Sensors • Relays

Exchangeable modules

Easy integration


Meet latest security standards

Compatible with almost all server cabinets

PoE – Emergency USB power – Mechanical Override key

During normal operation, the TANlock3 is powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet), thus via the LAN socket. In an emergency, the TANlock can also be supplied with power via the USB-C interface accessible from the outside.

A standard Power Bank is sufficient for this purpose. The USB-C interface is located in the lower part of the housing. The TANlock checks all authentication frames, -PINs, -Ids, etc. that are stored locally in the TANlock as well as others in the network if access to them is possible during this emergency.

The Mechanical Override is an additional option for mechanical unlocking. With this option, an additional release has been integrated that can open the TANlock independently of the TAM.

A standard Euro cylinder (half cylinder, not included) must be inserted and fixed with a screw. With the TANlock Mechanical Override, the server cabinet security can be integrated into an existing mechanical locking system.

The TANlock then does not know who has opened the door, but the opening itself is detected and stored. The TANlock with Mechanical Override is only available from the factory and cannot be retrofitted. It replaces the standard emergency power supply via USB-C.


TANlock Drawer – For 19” server racks

The Security Drawer is a drawer for server cabinets based on the TANlock. It allows Protected storage of security-critical hardware.

Just like the TANlock 3, it can be adapted to different needs and enables individual authentication.

The Security Drawer does not require server cabinets from specific manufacturers. With a width of 483 mm and a height of 89 mm, it is compatible with almost all server cabinets. Different depths are available.


TANlock Zero – Building integration

Due to the control via an external power source 5 V, 12 V and 24 V, the TANlock Zero can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures.

It is designed to be mounted on the majority of server cabinets. Otherwise, it can be mounted with an adapter for perfect integration.

TANlock Zero is ideal if you already have your own monitoring hardware and wish to read out and validate credentials.

The TANlock Zero system allows “authentication modules” to be upgraded within a few minutes e.g. with RFID, PIN or fingerprint scanner.


TANlock 1 – 3rd party remote control box

TANlock 1 is the newest member in the TANlock family. It is an electric lock for securing critical infrastructures and many other areas.

With a DIN 10/30 half cylinder of your choice, TANlock 1 can be opened and closed securely on site.

It can also be unlocked electronically, allowing remotely controlled access. Via a three-color LED on the front, it displays 3 different states so you know immediately what exactly is happening on your lock.

With integrated IP65 protection, TANlock 1 is ready for any weather! Thus, it can be used both outdoors and indoors.


TANlock Belgium

S4 Benelux has been delivering and supporting rack access control solutions for over 15 years, enhancing security and traceability in critical environments. Recognizing the increasing necessity of rack security, we have encouraged the evolution from isolated systems with complex wiring to API-based BMS integrations directly connected to PoE switches.

Our commitment to high-quality products, local developments, and a robust firmware policy ensures we meet the stringent requirements of IT infrastructure in data centers, control rooms, and intelligent buildings.

Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with TANlock, we have a very extensive knowledge and experience of monitoring and control systems to offer you the best solution.

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