Cooling & Containment

Inrow Cooling Units

Cooling a datacenter is a hard challenge.  Inrow coolers are ideal to keep medium and large datacenters running smoothly as they can extract the heat from the adjacent racks without moving the air through the entire room. Intelligent multi-sensor control allows to match the IT heat load and to maximize the efficiency.

Hot containments with inrow cooling directly evacuate the equipment dissipation, so technicians or heat-sensitive equipment (e.g. UPS batteries) that are in the same room, are not being affected. In cases where there is no raised floor, inrow cooling is the logical choice. Heat is transfered to a more compact cooling medium close to the source and piping can run overhead.

Depending on the infrastructure and heat track, water cooled systems or direct expasion alternatives can be investigated. Additional to 2N and N+1 redundancy configurations, integrated load sharing and fail-safe modes are guaranteeing uptime. Water cooled inrows with dual heat-exchangers can bring redundancy to compact installations.


Rack Cooling

When individual racks are placed in technical rooms, special attention for heat extraction is important as well to prevent equipment overheating and shutdown. Closed loop inrow or rack attached cooling systems come in handy in non-conditioned or dusty environments.

Specifically for use in office environments, the UCoustic Edge 9210i range of quiet rack enclosures, provides the ultimate combination of noise reduction and air cooled thermal performance. The Executive range comes with different wood finish options. 

Hot/Cold Containment

Containments are used to separate hot and cold aisles and prevent mixing of cooled air with the hot equipment exhaust, avoiding air recirculation. Cold containments are often applied with raised floor cooling, where hot containments are preferable for inrow cooling or chimney extraction.  Using containments will increase the cooling capacity and the uptime/MTBF of your equipment and at the same time reduce the operational costs. The standard system is modular and fully compatible with S-Rack and Inrow cooling units.

Different roof panel types are available, they can be lifted or moved sideways for maintanance or drop in case of smoke detection. The choice of material can be impact-resistant polycarbonate, glass or the best of both worlds with hard-coated super-transparant plastics. Sliding doors are auto-closing as standard but can also be fully automatic using the latest movement sensors and IR curtain safeties.


Custom made and retrofit containments

Often IT rooms and datacenters only hit their cooling bounderies after some time and need retrofit airflow optimization. In many cases rooms have been filled with non-uniform rack widths and heights, which most likely cannot be covered with standard solutions.

Luckily we at S4 Benelux are experienced in measuring up and manufacturing tailor-made containments that will increase your cooling efficiency, free-up power resources and neathly joining different racks, elektrical cabinets, cooling machines etc. 

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