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Consoles for Control Rooms

S4 Benelux works in close partnership with Roomdimensions Iberica. RDI provides technical solutions for control rooms, focused on the design and manufacturing of high added-value technical furniture and ergonomic solutions for non-stop operation environments.

We have a wide range of products that enhance the management and the organization of the 24×7  and their annexed spaces, using at any time the suitable product for the user’s needs. Operations and supervisor consoles, meeting tables, archive furniture, printing cabinets, auxiliary technical furniture, specific 24×7 chairs & ergonomic supports.

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custom made rack

Custom made Racks

S4 Benelux specializes in the design and the manufacturing of custom made racks and enclosures for all kind of applications and to suit all your needs.

Please contact our sales department for more information.

Shielded Racks

Enconnex’s DefenseShield™ provides industry-leading radio frequency (RF) shielding mitigating signals emanating from or interfering with electronics within the enclosure.

The cabinet features lightweight, rugged construction in a standard server rack form factor allowing installation in an office, lab, or datacenter applications.

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Office-in-a-Box Solutions

Enconnex’s EdgeRack lines consolidate IT equipment into secure locations, to keep equipment running effectively and efficiently for today’s demanding IT environments.

The EdgeRack Integrated Cabinet is a plug-and-play module that requires almost zero setup time and allows for the rapid deployment of IT equipment. This is a perfect solution for small to medium offices, retail outlets, educational institutions, and remote edge computing locations.

Lithium-Ion Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Enconnex AC6000. More power. Longer life. Smaller size. With lithium-ion technology, the days of changing and disposing of old, heavy lead-acid batteries are over. Automotive-grade lithium-ion batteries deliver better efficiency, higher energy density and longer battery life in a much smaller footprint within the data cabinet.

The UPS operates with an input and output of 208 V, 230 V or 240 V AC, supporting equipment drawing up to 6kW.

it products
it products

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Automatic Tranfer Systems

With its wide range of continuously evolving products, solutions and services, Socomec are recognised experts in the cutting-edge technologies used for ensuring the highest availability of the electrical power supply to datacenters, critical facilities and buildings.

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