With over 50 years experience in connectivity solutions, Molex cabling products are ideal for a wide range of applications in commercial facilities. 

With high performance and excellent reliability, the Molex copper twisted-pair cabling is trusted by hundreds of organizations worldwide.

The Molex fiber optic has been an integral medium for structured cabling systems for many years. Used traditionally in the backbone, fiber is now becoming more prevalent in high-speed networks.


Copper cabling and connectivity

Category 6A

Designed to support 10-Gigabit Ethernet, Category 6A is an optimum speed structured cabling solution offering superior performance and reliability.

Category 6

Molex’s Category 6 product range, PowerCat 6, is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of current international standards.

Fiber optic cabling and connectivity

Fiber Optic Cabling

Optical fiber has been an integral medium for structured cabling systems for many years. Used traditionally in the backbone, fiber is now becoming more prevalent in high-speed networks by virtue of its bandwidth capabilities, size and the security it offers over and above copper media.

Fiber Optic Enclosures

Molex offers a range of enclosures designed to store, protect and maintain internal fiber management.  With Xtreme FO enclosures up to 192 fibers in 1U they reduce the floor space in your datacenter.

Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic

Pre-terminated solutions offer faster deployment, guaranteed performance and the need for on-site testing is minimized. Reduce installation time with MPO-MPO cables, MTP-MTP cables or MPO-X fiber optic assemblies.

Passive Optical Network (PON)

Increasing demand for rapid, low-latency and high-volume communication to homes and businesses has made information distribution and delivery increasingly important. Millions of users expecting economical, high-speed connectivity represent an opportunity for the operators with “last mile” challenges. Passive optical networks (PONs) can offer a solution to these challenges.



Molex CoreSync incorporates a wide range of devices and sensors to allow this versatile smart building solution to be adapted for a variety of applications and industries. Control lighting, AV, HVAC, plug loads and more from one central place.

CoreSync is built on flexible PoE connectivity, but where wired connection is not necessary we offer wireless devices powered by EnOcean energy harvesting technology.

Cable Management

Protecting Critical Connections in Harsh Environments. Siemon Ruggedized Infrastructure Solutions protect critical network connections from dust, moisture, industrial cleaning chemicals and vibration.

Ruggedized infrastructure solutions are ideal for protecting valuable connections in laboratories, hospitals, food processing plants and other harsh environments.


Molex Distributor Belgium

S4 Benelux has been an official partner and distributor for Molex since 2006. Together, we aim to deliver high-quality products that meet the most demanding requirements of IT infrastructure in data centers, control rooms and intelligent buildings.

Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with Molex, we can switch quickly, have a very extensive knowledge and experience of Molex products and offer you fast deliveries from our extensive stock.

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