Schleifenbauer is a partner in PDUs since 2008! Our unique concept is different. Instead of you adapting your IT infrastructure to the PDU, Schleifenbauer adapts the PDU to your IT infrastructure.

With our extensive stock of PDU components, we can make any configuration imaginable within a maximum of 4 weeks lead time. Schleifenbauer is the only manufacturer that produces customized power distribution units, starting from one piece without additional costs or longer delivery times.


Why Schleifenbauer PDUs?


Customers choose Schleifenbauer PDUs because they are fully designed according to their wishes and needs, starting from 1 pice.  The PDUs are made in The Netherlands and are well proven with a high reliability.  High-end PDUs with a fast delivery time are excellent to improve your datacenter.

PDU Features


Cable entry

Your PDU comes with a connecting lead of the correct length and with the correct connector. Furthermore, the cable connection is provided in the place that you need. The cable, which has been specially manufactured for Schleifenbauer, has LSZH specification and is ultraflexible. It has an oversized diameter which results in lower build-up of heat and lower energy consumption. In addition to the standard connection with a connector, there is also the option of a Phoenix QPD connection.

Fuse / Surge protection

Nowadays, it is unthinkable to have a data centre without the highest possible safety protection. It is even a legal requirement to use fuses in certain situations. You can employ fuses in your PDU according to your requirements and the infrastructure. This guarantees continuity and reduces the chance of a power outage.


The housing of your PDU is made entirely from aluminium, due to its good thermal properties and so as to keep the weight low. You can determine the length and orientation (horizontal or vertical). Our aluminium housing can be supplied in various colours and is provided with custom engraving.


You can fit your PDU with various outputs and types of outputs. You configure both the number and type of outputs. For example, IEC C13, IEC C19 and CEE 7/3(Schuko). You can specify the order in which you want the outputs to be arranged. IEC C13 and IEC C19 connectors are available optionally with a lock.


In order to correctly install a PDU in a server rack, you need specific expertise. Schleifenbauer has expertise in house and offers mounting options for every type of server cabinet, whatever the type or manufacturer, using mounting brackets or even “toolless” mounting. What is your ideal mounting?


The measurement readings on your PDU provide insights into energy flows and enable you to manage these. You can read measurements locally or at a distance (remote) via the databus. Schleifenbauer has made their bus redundant. A single cable cut will not affect the readout or control of the PDUs; it will try to get access through the alternative route on the ring.

Outputs Measured

The intelligence in the PDU does not need to be limited to complete measurement. You can choose to individually measure the outputs for capacity planning, power management, identify potential overload issues, billing and cost allocation, equipment protection or compiance

Outputs Switched

You can choose to individually activate/deactivate the outets remotely. Makes it also possible, among other things, to define the start-up sequence of connected equipment, intervene in the event of a peak load or enable the reboot of IT equipment.

Residual Current Monitoring

The residual current monitoring meter developed by Schleifenbauer enables you to easily localise leakage flows at circuit level. Residual current monitoring can be used to meet statutory safety requirements. An RCM works by constantly monitoring the current flow in the circuit. It measures the difference in current between the live and neutral conductors. If there is any imbalance in the current, which may be due to a fault such as an electrical leak, the RCM detects it.


Digital Sensor developed by Schleifenbauer, with high accuracy and easy connection to your PDU. Your PDU can be fitted optionally with external sensors. Schleifenbauer supplies a combined temperature/humidity sensor. It is also possible to add further sensors such as a water leak sensor based on binary input for potential-free contact.

Have it your way

Choose the color of your PDU

Our PDU housing is crafted entirely from aluminum for its excellent thermal properties and lightweight design. You have the flexibility to choose the length and orientation (horizontal or vertical) to perfectly suit your needs. Additionally, our aluminum housings come in a variety of colors and can be customized with your own engraving.


Select your outlets

Customize your PDU with a wide range of outputs. Freely configure both the number and type of outlets, including IEC C13, IEC C19, and CEE 7/3 (Schuko). Furthermore, you can specify the desired arrangement for the outlets. For added security, IEC C13 and IEC C19 connectors are optionally available with locking mechanisms.


Custom-made mounting brackets

Schleifenbauer has a suitable bracket for almost every situation. If the desired suspension for your PDU is not among them, we can make a custom-made bracket for you. Together with you, we will then look for the best solution. The advantage of the right bracket is that it creates space and efficiency in the server rack. We also have a coupling bracket to attach two PDUs together to form a solid unit. For more information, check our catalogue starting from p.120 for more PDU brackets.

Schleifenbauer Distributor Belgium

S4 Benelux has been an official partner and distributor for Schleifenbauer since 2006. Together, we aim to deliver high-quality products that meet the most demanding requirements of IT infrastructure in data centers, control rooms and intelligent buildings.

Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with Schleifenbauer, we can switch quickly, have a very extensive knowledge and experience of intelligent PDU’s and offer you fast deliveries.

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