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Leaders in rack power distribution units for nearly 40 years, Server Technology PDUs are the choice for Fortune 100 companies to technological startups. Our passion is to push back the boundaries of Rack PDU technology and deliver groundbreaking innovations in hardware and intelligence such as the High Density and Cx (two-in-one) outlets.

Server Technology is committed to offering best-in-class products for data centers. Their proven ability to innovate brings the latest technological advances to PDUs, maximizing performance and flexibility.

Server Technology


server technology

The Server Technology PRO4X Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) doesn’t just solve today’s power needs; it anticipates tomorrow’s power challenges. The PRO4X delivers a revolutionary best-in-class intelligent PDU with groundbreaking visibility, reporting, security, and alerting. All while integrating over 30 years of customer-driven technology, experience, quality, and innovation that builds on our renowned hardware technology.

PRO4X Features

iX Controller

The Server Technology iX Controller is the center of intelligence that houses high compute power, Xerus™ firmware, high visibility display, and multiple connectivity ports. It offers industrial-grade reliability and multi-layer redundancy for failover capabilities.

The iX Controller is fully hot-swappable; it enables live replacement with no power interruption to the individual outlets. Besides powering the next generation of power quality metrics and monitoring capabilities, the iX Controller also helps consolidate IP addresses while supporting many sensor and accessory functions —such as environmental monitoring, asset location, physical access, and security sensors— to help you manage operations more reliably and efficiently.

server technology
server technology

45-Degree Angled Infeed

The 45-Degree Angled Infeed as a flexible infeed cord design that promotes input power cord accessibility, reduces cord strain, simplifies the PDU specification process, and extends the lifespan of the Server Technology PDU and its power cord.

Regardless of your cabinet’s input branch circuit power configuration —overhead, underfloor, or something else— The PRO4X’s angled infeed creates a one-size-fits-all solution so you can position the PDU where needed, simplifying your deployments, while saving time and cutting costs.

RamLock Mechanical Locking

RamLock Mechanical Locking is a high-strength outlet, and cord-locking device that mechanically grips and secures C14 and C20 plugs to your PDU without requiring special cables, sleeves, or adapters.

It allows quick power cord installations and unplugging with a one-handed “squeeze and pull” action. Additionally, it prevents unintended downtime due to power cords becoming unintentionally unplugged.

server technology
server technology

HDOT Outlets

High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT®) is a patented design that removes unnecessary outlet moldings and uses module grouping to fit more outlets into the same space. HDOT outlets are more than 20% smaller than standard PDU outlets, allowing maximum equipment density.

HDOT ensures maximum outlet density. One pair of PRO4X PDUs with HDOT C13 outlets evenly distributed across the PDU can accommodate dense configurations where three or four PDUs would have been necessary.

HDOT Cx Outlets

HDOT Cx® Outlets are patented and industry awarded to be a hybrid of IEC C13 and C19 outlets. This industry-first technology allows C14 and C20 power cables to be installed into a single flexible outlet without additional parts or adapters.

HDOT Cx provides ultimate flexibility and density by putting the maximum number of the right outlets in the right place on one single wide PDU. HDOT Cx reduces complexity and costs by reducing the need to purchase new PDUs when future equipment updates occur.

server technology
server technology

Alternating Phase Outlets

Alternating Phase Power Distribution alternates the PDU’s different phases on a per-outlet basis down the length of the PDU to evenly distribute the power over the entire rack.

In three-phase PDU applications Alternating Phase Power Distribution supports faster installations, shorter cord lengths, better airflow in the back of the cabinet, and much easier load balancing across three phases. These translate to lowering cooling and cabling costs and less chance of tripping a breaker at the PDU or upstream breaker.

Server Technology Distributor Belgium

S4 Benelux has been an official partner and distributor for Server Technology since 2006. Together, we aim to deliver high-quality products that meet the most demanding requirements of IT infrastructure in data centers, control rooms and intelligent buildings.

Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with Server Technology, we can switch quickly, have a very extensive knowledge and experience of intelligent PDU’s and offer you fast deliveries from our extensive stock.

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