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Known as the “pioneering company in airflow management solutions” Upsite Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Ken Brill who, in 1993, had established the Uptime Institute, a think tank dedicated to understanding, improving, educating and expanding awareness of uptime and optimal efficiencies in data centers.

The Upsite Technologies airflow management solutions are specifically engineered to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of data center cooling. Managing cooling in your data center is a holistic process.

We are committed to providing excellent data center cooling products and tools.

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KoldLok is the industry standard for sealing raised-floor data centers. Designed to limit bypass airflow by efficiently sealing openings in raised floors.

Integral raised floor grommets

Designed to seal openings in new or existing raised floor cutouts used for communications or power cabling. Available in different dimensions, grommet in 1 piece and in split frame.

Surface mount grommets

The Surface Mount Grommets are designed to seal a variety of existing raised floor tile cutouts and allow flexibility of removing tiles without capturing cables. The Surface Mount Grommets facilitate easly re-cabling.

Mini grommets

Mini grommets and 4″ & 6″ round grommets are designed to seal a small cutouts in new or existing raised floor tiles to block bypass airflow and maximize cooling system efficiency.




HotLok® is a line of rack airflow management products, designed to control data center intake airflow in server racks. Their award-winning blanking panels are considered the ‘best-fitting’ in the industry.

Blanking panels

Designed to effectively seal openings in IT equipment cabinets and control airflow for optimized cooling effectiveness. The HotLok® Blanking Panel reduces hot spots and bypass airflow by preventing equipment exhaust air or hot aisle air from migrating to the conditioned air intake stream at the front of the cabinet.

Blanking panels are available in 1U and 2U, black or white.

Temperature Strip

The HotLok® Temperature Strip is a liquid crystal thermometer with an acrylic self-adhesive backing that quickly and accurately measures the intake air temperature of IT equipment. Measurement of equipment intake air temperature is used in the management of all elements of cooling infrastructure such as the number and type of perforated tiles or grates, cooling unit temp set points, and cooling unit airflow volumes.


What is Bypass Airflow?

Bypass airflow is a term coined by Upsite Technologies, which refers to any conditioned air supplied by a cooling unit that does not pass through (bypasses) IT equipment before returning to a cooling unit. Two leading causes of bypass airflow are openings in the raised floor and excessive volumes of cold air in a cold aisle. By reducing bypass airflow, you could see many benefits such as increased cooling unit efficiency and capacity, reduced operating expenses, and improved IT equipment reliability.

Improving airflow management

  • Raised Floor: Manage the open area of the horizontal plane of the raised floor. Seal cable openings with grommets and brushes, and manage perforated tile placement. Check the perimeter walls below the raised floor for unsealed wall or partition penetrations. Sealing these penetrations requires fire-rated materials.
  • Rack: Close all open space of the vertical plane of IT equipment intakes. Install blanking panels and rack grommets, seal under cabinets, and seal between mounting rails and sides of cabinets. Our S-Rack cabinets can be equipped with airflow closing accessories to separate cold and hot air.
  • Row: Block open spaces underneath racks, where IT equipment cabinets are missing, and where there are gaps between cabinets. In situations when cabinet densities are high enough, or the highest possible efficiency is desired, hot or cold aisle containment is necessary.

Upsite Technologies Distributor Belgium

S4 Benelux has been a partner and distributor for Upsite Technologies for more than 15 years. Together, we aim to deliver high-quality products that meet the most demanding requirements of IT infrastructure in data centers, control rooms and intelligent buildings.

Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with Upsite Technologies we have a very extensive knowledge and experience of KoldLok an HotLok. We offer you fast deliveries from our extensive stock.

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